Win32 Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
GUI::AbstractFunctor< return_t, argument_t >Abstract class for functor object
GUI::AbstractPropertyBase class for Property object
GUI::ApplicationApplication object
GUI::EditAn edit object
GUI::EditControllerController object for Edit widget
GUI::EditFactoryClass for create new instance of Edit widget
GUI::EditModelModel object for Edit widget
GUI::EntityFactory< T >Create a new event entity
GUI::EntityFactoryBaseBase class for entity factory object
GUI::EventEntityBase class for event entity object
GUI::EventHandler< class_t >Functor for event handler
GUI::EventsDispatcherHandle events dispatching
GUI::FactoryBaseBase class for widget factory
GUI::FormA form object, the tipical window
GUI::FormControllerController for the Form object
GUI::FormFactoryClass for create new instance of Form widget
GUI::FormModelModel object for Form widget
GUI::GenericFunctor< base_class_t, return_t, argument_t >Generic class for functor object
GUI::GuiExceptionA general GUI exception
GUI::InstanceHandleWrapper for instance handle HINSTANCE
GUI::map_ptr< key_type, element_type >Map class for store pointers elements, the map take ownership of the pointer
GUI::MessageTranslatorTranslate windows messages in events
GUI::ModelBaseBase class for widget model
GUI::MoveEventEntityArgument for the Move event
GUI::PointWrap a point
GUI::Property< T >Property management
GUI::Property< std::string >Class Property specialization for type std::string
GUI::RectangleWrap a rectangle
GUI::ResizeEventEntityArgument for the Resize event
GUI::Singleton< T >Implement singleton design pattern with template
GUI::SizeWrap size
GUI::SystemErrorException for system error
GUI::WidgetBaseBase class for widget object
GUI::WidgetContainerBase class for widget container object
GUI::WidgetControllerBase class for widget events handler
GUI::WidgetFactoryCreate a new widget instance
GUI::WindowHandleWrapper for window handle
GUI::WinMessageWrap a windows message

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